Secrets That Hide Green Houses

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It is truth that alternative ways of getting heated, electricity, reduced water consumption, excellent heat insulation … lack of concepts for selected. And while until a few years ago our green houses were rare, today this type of house is present and we can rightly speak of a trend.

Because of the fact that the whole house is buried into the ground, during the summer takes very little energy for cooling and winter for heating. The surrounding land mass provides better insulation and installed technologies such as heating and cooling with the help of geothermal heat pumps and heat storage systems are additional green features of the family home.


According to the architects, the house is inspired by traditional dugout American Indians, and because of that building “under the ground” to the best possible use obtains more efficient heating and cooling. Home also has a “smart” pool that also serves as a thermal mass that is associated with geothermal heating and cooling system. In a statement from the architectural study, it is said that this project was designed to raise awareness about the disappearance of the natural landscape and the finite resources of the Earth and the possibility of creating a balance between the former industrial zones and nature.

green-houseSuch houses are ideal for our environment, because they are themselves part of it. Suck up carbon dioxide and produce oxygen – you can’t get any better than that. And if you are by any chance interested in gardening, you can purchase an Elite Greenhouses, and make your property completely sustainable and environmentally friendly.

It is well known that the ground has excellent thermal insulation capacity and high thermal inertia, and therefore in these facilities governed constant temperature of 12.2 ° C. In this land over the object is not “lost” and can be used for green areas.

They have to be built from reinforced concrete, because it alone can withstand the pressure of the earth above and to the house, and possible action of groundwater. Many would say that it is not environmentally friendly, because it is a basic ingredient of concrete cement, which requires too much energy to obtain, but, on the other hand, green houses are energy-saving time as excellent heat and sound isolation, it takes some land plots for the construction thereof, and long-lasting.

The green houses are all interior spaces are oriented towards the sun, so we have a direct savings in electric lighting by about 30 percent. The objects are buried to a depth of 1.10 m, which is sufficient to prevent heat loss through the parapet facade wall. Protection of other exterior walls and ceiling can be achieved by building earthen embankment thickness of 10-50 cm, and the introduction of sunlight is made possible through the south-oriented windows.


Even some of the important benefits of green house are that they do not need gutters for roof drainage; also they do not need lightning rods. They are protected in the event of an earthquake and storm winds. The problem of noise and vibration does not exist. Green homes are the only home in which you cannot feel any wind. Green homes are fully protected from all the atmospheric effects, primarily from the effects of frost and extreme temperatures that gradually destroy the facade and the walls of traditional houses. The life of one green house can be about 200 years old.

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